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Hey! I am Natalie Rochelle. I am the the CEO of NR Media Agency located in Chicago, the host of the award winning podcast of the FeedSpot Top 25 CEO Podcast in the World, CEO Chats Podcast and founder for Bizness Babe Army. My mission is to help entrepreneurs build and maintain their business by giving them her real-life tips from being a serial entrepreneur, corporate marketer, and an owner of a media agency.

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Work with me to build your brand. Branding is my passion. I work with small businesses and entrepreneurs to design a profitable brand.


Gain 1-on-1 branding tips, strategies and guidance with my business academy and women empowerment organization


Book me to speak at your next event. My speaking topics range from social media best practices for exposure, marketing for small business, and more.

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The most important part to growing your business is branding it. Without the proper branding guidelines and identity, you could waste years of being in business just by not taking the proper steps to brand yourself. By asking yourself these 20 questions, you are already one step a head of your competitors and other business owners in your industry. Your business is what you make it. Why not make it one that everyone can recognize and identify?

In this e-book, I designed 20 strategic questions you need to ask yourself to develop a relevant brand that your customers will love.You will design a brand identity that will give you the exposure and customer experience that you've been needing in order to create a profitable brand.

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From branding, designing, and developing strategy, my digital marketing and branding agency, NR Media, works with small business owners to leverage their marketing and growth strategies in their business by creating branding collateral, websites, creating engaging media ads to increase business sales, social media growth plans and social media strategies for increased exposure.

Entrepreneurship can be a blur, let me make it clearer for you! Let’s work

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Let’s Chat with Nat!

I am always open to chatting and talking with everyone! Whether you want me to know you love me, or want to work with me, shoot me an email